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The Chicago City Limits Training Center offers a wide array of classes for improvisers of all types and skill levels. Our Core Curriculum is a set of three classes—Intro to Improv, Beyond the Basics, and Advanced Scenework Techniques—designed to give improvisers a firm grounding in how to do successful, theatrical, emotionally-grounded (and funny) improv scenes every time they step on stage.

Our Electives—which range from Character and Storytelling Workshops to Musical Improvisation—allow more advanced students to add or hone specific skill sets. (Please see below for descriptions of our Core Curriculum and Elective classes.

Students will receive personal feedback from their instructors at least twice during each class and all of our students have the opportunity to perform on our stage at the end of their sessions.

Most of our classes consist of three-hour sessions that take place once a week for eight weeks; intensive (one-week or four-week) classes are also available.

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All classes are $350, unless otherwise noted.

All classes meet at the Chicago City Limits Training Center, located at 318 W. 53rd St. (between 8th & 9th).


Level 1: Intro To Improv

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Level 1: Intro To Improv is the ideal class for anyone who wants to try their hand at improv, think more creatively, and be better able to express themselves to others. It’s also perfect for actors who have little or no experience with improv. The class covers the basics of improv: listening, "yes, and…" agreement, making active choices, finding patterns, building upon ideas and unlocking creativity.


Level 2: Beyond The Basics

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Level 2: Beyond The Basics picks up where Level 1 leaves off, introducing additional techniques to help students further refine skills and put them into practice. A series of improv exercises and forms foster the creativty and performing skills that are at the core of good scene- and character work.


Level 3: Advanced Scenework Techniques

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Description: Level 3: Advanced Scenework Techniques takes students with a strong grasp of improv fundamentals and sharpens them into an ensemble. The class takes a group-minded approach and focuses students on supporting and playing off their fellow players. In addition to a greater emphasis on ensemble work, students will receive more specific guidance, with an eye toward sharpening their individual skills.

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