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CCL Training Center FAQ


How do I register for a course?

Either fill out an online course registration form or call the CCL Training Center (212.888.5233) and we'll sign you up!

What courses do you offer?

The CCL Training Center offers four-level Core Curricula in Improv and Music Improv as well as a variety of intentsive and other classes. Read our full course descriptions to learn more.

How long do courses last?
How long is each class session?

Most courses at the CCL Training Center meet for three hours, once per week for eight weeks.

Core Elective classes (Improv and Music Improv Level III) meet for three hours, once per week for four weeks.

Intensive courses cover the same material as equivalent courses of the same Level, but meet over a shorter time span (usually for one week, with two three-hour class sessions per day).

Where do courses meet?

All classes meet at the CCL Training Center unless otherwise noted. The Training Center is located at 318 West 53rd St. (b/t 8th and 9th Aves.), in room 207a.

Who teaches the courses?

All courses at the CCL Training Center are taught by members of the Chicago City Limits cast. Our cast members are the top professional improvisers in New York City—so you're learning from the best!

How many students are in each class?

Each class can hold up to sixteen students.

How much do courses cost?
Do you offer any discounts?

Our eight-week courses are $275. Our four-week Core Elective (Improv and Music Improv Level III) courses are $145. Our intensive courses vary in price depending on the length/content of the course.

There is a $25 discount for registering more than four weeks in advance for any course.

There is a $50 discount for any student who refers another student to a CCL Training Center course.

Do students perform?

Yes! All of our classes culminate in a class performance on the CCL stage.

Do students receive individual feedback?

Yes. Students in each course will receive individual feedback from their instructors twice—once at the midway point of the course and once after the course is over.

I've done improv before.
Do I really need to start in Level I?

Generally speaking, we recommend that all students start in Level I of both the Improv and Music Improv programs. In rare cases, however, the Training Center staff may allow students to skip Level I and enroll in Level II of either program.

If you're interested in advanced placement, please contact the Training Center (212.888.5233) and explain your situation to the staff.

I've never done improv before.
Can I take your classes?

Definitely—and you absolutely should! Our Core Curricula are designed to give students of all types complete improv training, and our instructors give all of our students, be they beginners or seasoned veterans, the opportunity to grow as artists.

I see that some of your courses are shorter than others.
Why is that?

Our Core Elective (Improv and Music Improv Level III) courses meet four times instead of eight because they cover more specific topics and train more specific skills than our other courses.

Can I sign up for more than one course at a time?

Sure! Students may simultaneously enroll in both the Improv Core Curriculum and the Music Improv Core Curriculum. Students are encouraged to enroll in more than one Core Elective (Improv and Music Improv Level III) course at a time in order to move on to the upper level courses in each core.

Can CCL Training Center students see the CCL show for free?

Yep—just tell your instructor when you'd like to come to our show and we'll comp you in!

Can I audit a class?

Yes. To audit a class, please call the Training Center (212.888.5233) and tell the staff which class you're interested in auditing.

Audits are allowed for the first class session only, and there is a $40 non-refundable auditing fee. If a student audits a course and then decides to sign up—and they always do—the $40 auditing fee is applied toward the full price of the course.

Is a deposit required to register for a class?

To reserve a slot in one of our courses, the full fee for that course is due at the time of registration.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your registration after payment has been received, the following partial refunds are available:

More than a month in advance: Full refund (minus $40 administrative fee)
More than a week in advance: 50% refund (minus $40 administrative fee)
Less than a week in advance: No refunds are available


I want to sign up for a class,
but I may have to miss one or more sessions.
Can I sign up anyway?

You may sign up anyway, yes. Unfortunately, however, make-up sessions are not available for our classes. If you miss more than two class sessions, you may not be able to pass a course and move on to the next Level in our Core.

Do you offer internships?

Yes we do, and our interns can take classes at the Training Center for free. If you're interested in interning for CCL, please email for more information.

I've heard that CCL Training Center students
sometimes make it into the CCL company.
Is that true?

You heard right. Many of our current Company members were CCL Training Center students once upon a time...and now they're getting paid to travel around the country doing improv, and to teach the classes themselves. Pretty cool, huh?

Each time the CCL Touring Company has auditions, students from our upper-level Training Center courses are invited to audition for the Company. If you study here and you're good, there's always room at the top...